Haha, yes it is cinema time and of course it is not the usual movie you have to expect. The Attackables is a Berlin - superhero - patchwork family - Martial Arts - episodic movie !

(AUT / DE 2019), 115 Min., DF m. engl. UT

Regie/directed by: Kerstin Cmelka & Mario Mentrup Darsteller /cast: Kerstin Cmelka , Mario Mentrup, Claudia Basrawi, Erdinc Güler, Olympia Spanou, Carsten Ludwig ua.

But not only that. From 6 p.m. Kosuke Tada opens up his pop up kitchen with japanese superhero food. The ÖKONOMIYAKI !!!

Friday 09.08.2019 food from 6p.m. movie starts at 9 p.m. movie on donate basis.

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