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Republica Berlin 2016
Mobilize_Schauspiel Dortmund
ZHDK Zürich 2016
Gartentor Sauna / CH
ZHDK Zürich 2016
Sweating for Europe / Brussels
Sweating for Europe / Brussels
Sweating for Europe / Brussels
Sweating for Europe / Brussels
Sweating for Europe / Brussels


Firefit was buildt under the direction of “SaunaProfessor“ Unto Siikanen together with carpenters from the cooperative Pro Puu in 2012, alongside World Design Capital in Lahti. The Project was Part of the " Public Mind Map Tour " supported by the Goethe Institut Helsinki and sponsored by the BAUHAUS Finnland.

The mobile finnish Sauna with the creative energy force. Powered by FIT freie internationale tankstelle.


Facts: Mobile Sauna 8 – 10 people, wood heated / hot water tank, Vehicle Size 5,80m x 2,20m, Separate shower + water pipe, Changing room, Deckchairs

Blankets & towels, various possibilities of presentation

Sweating for Kaurismäki

Bochum Schauspielhaus, Oktober 2017

Alongside the Premiere of Christian Breys adaption of " the man without a past " a movie by Aki Kaurismäki we heated up for the premier guests.

Sweating for Europe

Augsburg Friedensfest, August 2017

The European Union is at a crossroads: not only the BREXIT but also the strengthening of populist and nationalist forces in the recent months shows that many citizens have a deep insecurity about the future of the EU. In the light of this uncertainty, the European Commission published five scenarios for the future of the EU this spring. With the background of these burning questions, European experts sweat in a sauna-converted fire truck about the future of Europe and then answer the questions of the citizens who will join in.

with Prof. Dr. Peter Kraus, Universität Augsburg, Thorsten Frank, Vorsitzender der Europa-Union Augsburg, Reiner Erben, Umweltreferent der Stadt Augsburg, Ursula Kalbfleisch-Kottsieper, Mitglied im Team Europe (Rednerteam der Europäischen Kommission), Dr. Raymond Saller, Mitglied im Team Europe (Rednerteam der Europäischen Kommission), Nora Sophie Schröder, Vorsitzende der Junge Europäische Föderalisten Augsburg
Dr. Volker Ullrich, Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages

Sweating for Europe

Brussels EU Parlament, April 2017


Fresh narratives, constructive encounters and playful courage are needed in Europe. We invite you to join the hottest discussion event of spring 2017 in Brussels, Capital of Europe, and to make time for a newperspective.

Sweating for Europe brings together European decision-makers and citizens. At the centre of the event is an

old fire engine, modified into a mobile wood burning sauna, parked on the doorstep of the European Parliament and in front of BOZAR, Brussels’ Centre for Fine Arts.

The MEPs will warm up for the dialogue in the sauna, after which a public panel session takes place in a cosy forest setting hosted by Parlamentarium, the European Parliament Visitors’ Centre in Brussels. As the sunsets, the evening continues with an after-heat party and live music from different parts of Europe and an open-to-all sauna. Please bring your own bathing suit and towel. On Wednesday evening the sauna will be parked in front of BOZAR, inviting everyone to join the discussion which will continue in a relaxed atmosphere.

This cultural heritage project celebrates the European tradition of openness, solidarity and equality. With a positive and creative approach, it encourages a fresh take on the hottest topics of the moment.

The FIREFIT sauna is a creation of artist Dida Zende, handcrafted in 2012 during Helsinki’s year as a World Design Capital, on the initiative of Goethe-Institut Finnland. Created by the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Brussels and Alliance Française de Bruxelles-Europe, Sweating for Europe is realised together with EUNIC Brussels, Instituto Camões, the Finnish Sauna Society, BOZAR and

History has been made in saunas – now it is your turn.

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