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Since it was founded in 2003, the FIT – freie internationale tankstelle – has stood for art that is relevant to society. Art that uses aesthetics to communicate ideas of individual and social concerns. Art that is visionary in its conception. The mission of FIT is to reclaim the abandoned architecture of filling stations and to rebrand their original function as sources of fossil fuel. It is a vision of transformation. Where the stations of exhausted natural resources are transformed by the imagination of those who gather in the spirit of collaboration, to produce a new fuel for humanity. To tap into an inexhaustable resource; the life force of human creativity. It is the mission of FIT to be all inclusive in its commitment to exploring the full spectrum of human and social creativity including those expressions not commonly valued by society. FIT is interested in extended concepts of art (“Erweiterter Kunstbegriff“), such as creating social sculpture that restore art to an active role in society. To explore and stimulate the artistic philosophical

content inherent in cultural and social activities. The artists presented by FIT reflect these ideas by their own means, whether through painting, installations, performance or actions, with a clear impetus to enlighten.

With the occupation and freeing of shut down gas stations worldwide FIT goes into a global context. These gas stations of the future receive there actual authorization as a social sculpture integrated back into society. New filled with the creative energy of those, which arranged the stations

on most different levels. Therefrom testify FIT stations in Miami/USA, Kaufdorf/Switzerland

and Ludwigshafen/Germany.

The artist Dida Zende assumes in his work that art must be more than a elitist and self-centered system. Art has to go way further over it’s own system if it wants to have a lasting effect on society. If this is to succeed, the independence of the artist always forms the premise of all artistic work.

With renting an old gas station in Berlins Mitte he became the opportunity, freely from the question of participation or refusal the art market, to take a third independent path. Without the measurable evaluation of the usual art market he developed, thereby not only for himself but also for others –

artists and non artists – a forum for the presentation of independent creative principles: socially relevant art in an open operating field, freely of elitist thoughts and systems. The interaction between the involved ones, to go together with others this way and to develop the inherent ideas further, forms apart from the participation in the social discourse,the substantial and determining background of Dida Zendes artistic work.

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