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A NIGHT FOR ROBOTS* EXTRATERESTRIALS* COSMONAUTS* AND ODINARY HUMAN BEINGS... After stunning debut in 2018 SPACE TRAVEL AGENCY will be back at FIT on August 23rd. This time there will be support by DER MUSIKANT MIT TASCHENRECHNER IN DER HAND and his awesome live performed calculated melodys and divided rhythms for millions! Commander Schmackos and Joe Carrera are SPACE TRAVEL AGENCY! They'll perform in special custom build space suits on FITs brandnew open air planet hemisphere stage and spin some of the finest early electronic music able to find on vinyl. Include experimental and pop as well.

The two spacemen will also introduce some analog electronic sounds played live on the Stylophone GEN X-1 to the audience. With nightfall there'll also be some cosmic visuals, projected on a special moon screen for your pleasure. Free Entrace! (Donation desired) Space Flight start exactly 8:00 pm sidereal time (Sternzeit)

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