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Yes, we are restarting the FIT power system, and you can be part of it. from 05/29/20 - 05/31/20 from 10a.m. - 10p.m. the street artist Alaniz will paint our big wall. Pass by have a drink or some japanese street food only Fri / Sa from 5p.m.

In his word:

" Transformation is an inevitable aspect of our existence. The world is changing. But as inevitable as it is, the change can be predicted, proyected and even guided. We are changing. After almost four years, our wolf at the F.I.T. wall is also changing, and you can he part of that change. Help us in the renovation of one of the last spots for the independent cultural resistance in the center of Berlin. In times when progress and development stands over humans lives, we have to ask ourselves; Are the lungs of our planets worth a cheap source of energy? Are the working children's in the cobalt mines of Congo worth your newest phone? Are the slaves of the fashion industry factories of Bangladesh worth a cheaper pair of jeans?"

If you want to support the artist please donate and recieve a print. See link below.

always FITpositive

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